ADB-Pro Informatikai Kft.

ADB-Pro Informatikai Kft.

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Our company has many years of experience in the areas of electronic data collection software for processing stringent operational security requiring operating conditions. We specialized in software development, which are commercially available software can not be solved by providing a unique solution to the problems of quality assurance, production tracking, timesheet fields.

Bemutatkozás Our experience covers windows (Microsoft SQL Server), Linux (PostgreSQL) platform,

Our primary goal is to develop software tools to help reduce the administrative burden be automated some processes,

The key components of our designed and developed systems:

  • data Collection(barcode-based identification,PC-based,mobile and reduced terminal solutions)
  • data-intensive maintainer
  • even millions of data from a database, powerful report generator

We undertake all areas of individual systems design and development, where any data collection, sorting and maintenance tasks to be solved and delivering a customer needs.

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